5 Mar 2010


The bookmark from Fatima, Portugal.

Fátima is a city in Portugal famous for the religious visions that took place there in 1917.
On 13 May 1917 three shepherd's children from Fatima, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, claim to have seen an apparition of the Virgin. Only 10 year old Lucia could hear what she said and her request was that they should return on the 13th of each month for the next six months. The word spread and by 13 October that year 70,000 devotees had gathered. The Miracle of Sun is what the following events became known. The sun whirled like a wheel of fire, followed by the miraculous cure of the disabilities and illnesses suffered by some of the spectators.


Vaida said...

I'm lucky to have my sister in Portugal, because I have a great possibility to get different bookmarks from Portugal!

Patrick said...

Vaida, I received your bookmarks today. They're very nice! And thanks for the printed information (very interesting). I'd never seen magnetic bookmarks before.
I'll make a post on my blog later today.

Vaida said...

Patrick, that's great! I'm very glad you liked my bookmarks. Now you will know more about such country as Lithuania ;)

kriapst said...

i like to search diferents bookmarks for you :))) wait for more


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