6 Apr 2010

Bronze Horseman

The bookmark with the photo of the Bronze Horseman from Saint Petersburg, Russia. My husband found this bookmark in airport, on his business trip.

The Bronze Horseman is a monument to Peter the Great. It stands on Senate Square, in Saint Petersburg, in Russia. The statue, created by the famous French sculptor Etienne Maurice Falconet, depicts Peter the Great as a Roman hero on horseback, pointing the way for Russia, while his horse steps on a snake, which represents the enemies of Peter and his reforms.
The Bronze Horseman is the also the title of a poem written by Aleksandr Pushkin in 1833. The statue came to be known as the Bronze Horseman due to the popularity of the poem.
The statue is now one of the symbols of Saint Petersburg, in much the same way that the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of New York City.

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