27 May 2010

Six Wives

The leather bookmark from England. The picture shows King Henry VIII, and his six wives are enlisted.

* No.1. Catherine of Aragon. Catherine, a Princess of Spain, was married to Henry for many years. Her determination to stay married to Henry, in the face of his desire for Anne Boleyn, would change the course of history forever.
* No.2. Anne Boleyn. Henry fell passionately in love with Anne while married to Catherine of Aragon. He waited several years to marry Anne, but, ironically, lost his desire for her once she became his Queen.
* No.3. Jane Seymour. Gentle, capable Jane gave Henry his long-awaited male heir after one year of marriage. Sadly, she gave her life to do so.
* No.4. Anne of Cleves. This German princess served as Queen for only a few months before she and Henry agreed to divorce by mutual consent.
* No.5. Katherine Howard. Henry's marriage to this sensuous teenager brought him brief happiness, but ended in tragedy.
* No.6. Katherine Parr. This intelligent, loyal, forward-thinking Renaissance woman outlived three husbands, including Henry, and went on to finally marry the man of her choice.


I'm eager to read Phillipa Gregory's books about the Tudor period. I think, I'll use this bookmark while reading these books;)

Have you read any books about the Tudor period?

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