10 Oct 2010


The bookmark with the impressive sight of Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia. The bookmark from Patrick - my best and the only friend from Argentina ;)

Patagonia is a geographic region containing the southernmost portion of South America. Patagonia is located in Argentina and Chile; it comprises the southernmost portion of the Andes mountains.
The name Patagonia comes from the word patagón used by Magellan to describe the native people whom his expedition thought to be giants. It is now believed the Patagons were actually Tehuelches with an average height of 1.80 m (~5′11″) compared to the 1.55 m (~5′1″) average for Spaniards of the time.

Mount Fitz Roy - this is the most appreciated peak by the lovers of climbing and trekking. The altitude is 3,405 m.
Its original name is Chaltén, that in Tehuelche dialect means "smoking mountain". This is due to a rare aeolic phenomenon that makes its top always appear as it was surrounded by clouds, which gives the mountain a smoking volcano look.


patrickcollects said...

Nice bookmark ;-)

I've been to Patagonia. It's a wonderful place!. Chaltén is now the name of the town near the Fitz Roy. In the same province (Santa Cruz) you can also visit the glaciers, wich are amazing.

Vaida said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the "author" of this bookmark - mistake corrected:) And please confirm the information about men in Argentina in "I'm back" post :))

patrickcollects said...

Hmm you'll have to ask a woman about that ;-) :-P

Annie-Hall said...

I have visited Bariloche, Patagonia argentina twice, it's a lovely place! I lived in Puerto Natales, Patagonia chilena when I was child, my father is from there.

Vaida said...

Hmm, now I'm envious... :))


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