31 Dec 2009


The bookmark from England. There is a place for the Christmas greetings on this bookmark.

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all my friends and blog readers!!!

22 Dec 2009

Veliko Turnovo

The bookmark with the photos of Veliko Turnovo from Bulgaria.

Veliko Turnovo (Veliko Tarnovo) is a city in north central Bulgaria and the administrative centre of Veliko Tarnovo Province. Often referred to as the "City of the Tsars", Veliko Turnovo is located on the Yantra River and is famous as the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, attracting many tourists with its unique architecture.

The old city is situated on three hills, Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora. Tsarevets housed the palaces of the Bulgarian Emperors and the Patriarchate, as well as a number of administrative and residential edifices surrounded by thick walls. Trapezitsa was known for its many churches and as the main residence of the nobility.

21 Dec 2009

The Cat from LT

The leather bookmark with a cat from Lithuania. It's handmade.

I love these footprints :)

20 Dec 2009


Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island in the world. To the east of Ireland is the island of Great Britain, separated by the Irish Sea. A sovereign state named Ireland, the same name as the island, covers five-sixths of the island. Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, located in the northeast of the island covers the remainder.

18 Dec 2009

Electric Tram

The paper bookmark with the electric tram from Lisbon, Portugal.

The other side of this bookmark:

Transportation in Lisbon is more charming than in most cities. Much is owed to its geography; a part of Lisbon has been built on its seven hills. No visit to Lisbon is complete without riding the 1930s trams.

17 Dec 2009


The magnetic bookmark with the photos of Drenthe from the Netherlands.

Drenthe is a province of the Netherlands, located in the north-east of the country. The capital city is Assen. It is bordered by Overijssel to the south, Friesland to the west, Groningen to the north, and Germany to the east.

16 Dec 2009


One more papyrus bookmark from Egypt.

Papyrus (pronounced /pəˈpaɪrəs/) is a thick paper-like material produced from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus, a wetland sedge that was once abundant in the Nile Delta of Egypt. Ancient Egypt used this plant for boats, mattresses, mats, rope, sandals, and baskets.

14 Dec 2009

Good ideas

These bookmarks are from the Philippines.

Some ideas on these bookmarks:
* God gives us friends to brighten our world.
* Live with passion, give with kindness, and love completely.
* Dreams take time, patience, sustained effort, a willingness to fail if they are ever to be anything more than dreams.
* A day without a friend is a day without the sun.

9 Dec 2009

Mother and Child

The magnetic bookmark from Russia. It shows the painting "Mother and child 3" by Mary Cassatt.

Mary Stevenson Cassatt (May 22, 1844 - June 14, 1926) was an American painter and printmaker. She lived much of her adult life in France, where she first befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists.

Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children.

8 Dec 2009


These bookmarks are made from traditional Japanese paper - Washi.

Washi is a type of paper made in Japan. Washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub, or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Washi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.

Washi is generally tougher than ordinary paper made from wood pulp, and is used in many traditional arts. Origami, Shodo, and Ukiyo-e were all produced using washi. Washi was also used to make various everyday goods like clothes, household goods, and toys as well as vestments and ritual objects for Shinto priests and statues of Buddha. Washi was developed from the traditional Chinese paper-making process.

3 Dec 2009

Symbol of Australia

The bookmark with kangaroos from Australia.

Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the continental mainland, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia: its emblem is used on the Australian coat of arms, on some of its currency, as well as by some of Australia's best known organisations. The kangaroo is important to both Australian culture and the national image and consequently there are numerous popular culture references.

2 Dec 2009

The Beauty of Tuscany

The bookmark from Italy with a landscape of San Quirico.

San Quirico is a town in the heart of a town in the heart of Tuscany.

Tuscany (Italian: Toscana) is a region in Central Italy. The regional capital is Florence.
Tuscany is known for its landscapes and its artistic legacy. Tuscany is a charmed land, equally blessed by the genius of man and nature. Tuscany enchants us today with quiet lanes bounded by tall stone walls, green cypress trees, vineyards, rust-colored farmhouses, gently rolling hillsides and creamy-colored villas.
Six Tuscan localities have been UNESCO protected sites: the historical center of Florence (1982), the historical center of Siena (1995), the square of the Cathedral of Pisa (1987), the historical center of San Gimignano (1990), the historical center of Pienza (1996) and the Val d'Orcia (2004).

1 Dec 2009

Kirby Lonsdale

The bookmark from the United Kingdom.

Kirkby Lonsdale is a historic market town just inside the south east boundary of the County of Cumbria, on the River Lune, in England. This market town has some lovely riverside and country walks. The town has many attractions including Devil's Bridge (said to have been built by the Devil himself) and St Mary's Church.


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