25 Mar 2010


The woven bookmark from Turkey. I bought it during my holidays in Side.

Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye) is a Eurasian country. Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. The Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus are to the south; the Aegean Sea to the west; and the Black Sea is to the north. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country's second largest city after Istanbul.

23 Mar 2010


The linen bookmark from Lithuania. Linen is one of the most traditional Lithuanian textiles, admired worldwide and available in so many weaves and colours.

Lietuva (Lithuania) is a country in Northern Europe, the southernmost of the three Baltic states. Situated along the shore of the Baltic Sea, it shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Its population is 3.32 million. The capital and the largest city of Lithuania is Vilnius.


The laminated bookmark from England.

is a village in Cumbria, England. This former fishing port has retained many of the features from its past: the beautiful pier and port areas of the town. It is a haven for birds, and the surrounding countryside contains a wealth of flora and fauna.

22 Mar 2010


The magnetic bookmark with old Delftware tiles on it from the Netherlands.

Delftware is always blue and white, pottery and tiles made in and around Delft. This kind of pottery is called Blauw in Dutch. Delftware became popular and was widely exported in Europe and even reached China and Japan.
Delftware ranges from simple household items to fancy artwork.

20 Mar 2010


An interesting bookmark from Portugal. My sister works with children, and this bookmark is handmade by these children:

Books for Books

The magnetic bookmark with the photo of old books from the Netherlands.

17 Mar 2010

Martin Fierro

The leather bookmark from Argentina. It has an excerpt of the poem "Martin Fierro".

Martín Fierro is an epic poem by the Argentine writer José Hernández. The poem was originally published in two parts, El Gaucho Martín Fierro (1872) and La Vuelta de Martín Fierro (1879). It has appeared in literally hundreds of editions and has been translated into over 70 languages.
The Martín Fierro Award, named for the poem, is the most respected award for Argentine television and radio programs.

16 Mar 2010

David Roberts

The magnetic bookmark from England. On the bookmark the fragment of the oil painting "The Ruins of the Temple of the Sun at Baalbec" (1861) by David Roberts.

David Roberts (1796 – 1864) was a Scottish painter. He is especially known for a prolific series of detailed prints of Egypt and the Near East that he produced during the 1840s from sketches he made during long tours of the region. This work, and his large oil paintings of similar subjects, made him a prominent Orientalist painter.
David Roberts sailed for Egypt in 1838, where he spent several months sketching, writing letters and diaries, and exploring the ancient temples and tombs.

He was greatly revived by the splendour of the ruins and the richness of Baalbec temples. He spent the next few days making a number of studies of the three temples from various angles. The debris of these temples deeply inspired Roberts, who celebrated the magnificent decadence of the Hellenistic monument in numerous sketches and drawings.

15 Mar 2010


The bookmark with the photo of Gaza from Israel.

Gaza is a Palestinian city in the Gaza Strip. Named alternatively to mean "stength" and "treasure", it is central to both Christian and Islamic civilization.
The Old City of Gaza is roughly divided into two quarters; the northern Daraj Quarter (also known as the Muslim Quarter) and the southern Zaytoun Quarter (also known as the Christian Quarter).


The colourful bookmark from England.

Simple but nice! Friends are special gifts. Do you agree? ;)

10 Mar 2010


The wooden bookmark with a ladybug from Malaysia.

Ladybugs are small insects, belonging to the family of beetles. It is said that the name ‘Ladybug’ was kept after Mother Mary, also associated as ‘Our Lady’.

While eating, ladybugs chew from side to side and not up and down like humans.
Ladybugs produce a chemical substance that smells and tastes horrible. It prevents them from predators and birds.
The spots on the body of the ladybug fade, as it gets older.
In winters, ladybugs do not eat and survive on their stored fat.
In many countries, like Iran and Switzerland, ladybugs are considered auspicious and symbols of good luck.
Ladybugs are found in many colors. Some have spots, while some do not.
Ladybugs even use their feet to smell.

7 Mar 2010


The double-sided bookmark from Greece.

Santorini is an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Aegean Sea, about 200 km (120 mi) southeast from Greece's mainland.
The name Santorini was given to it by the Latin empire in the thirteenth century, and is a reference to Saint Irene.

Take it from me, Santorini is an island of awesome beauty. It's a divine and magic place!!! One visit isn't enough for me and I hope to return to Santorini one day...

5 Mar 2010


The bookmark from Fatima, Portugal.

Fátima is a city in Portugal famous for the religious visions that took place there in 1917.
On 13 May 1917 three shepherd's children from Fatima, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, claim to have seen an apparition of the Virgin. Only 10 year old Lucia could hear what she said and her request was that they should return on the 13th of each month for the next six months. The word spread and by 13 October that year 70,000 devotees had gathered. The Miracle of Sun is what the following events became known. The sun whirled like a wheel of fire, followed by the miraculous cure of the disabilities and illnesses suffered by some of the spectators.

3 Mar 2010

Tango in Caminito

Argentina is famous for the Tango dance and music. Tango originated in Buenos Aires and spread to the rest of the world soon after.

Caminito is a little street in La Boca, a neighbourhood, or barrio of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. It retains a strong European flavour, with many of its early settlers being from the Italian city of Genoa. Argentine artist Benito Quinquela Martín applied pastel colours to the walls of biuldings in Caminito street.

2 Mar 2010

First Kiss

The bookmark with the detail of the painting "The First Kiss" by William Bouguereau from Austria.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825–1905) was a French academic painter. William Bouguereau was a staunch traditionalist whose realistic genre paintings and mythological themes were modern interpretations of Classical subjects with a heavy emphasis on the female human body. Although he created an idealized world, his almost photo-realistic style was popular with rich art patrons.
Title: Amor and Psyche/also known as The First Kiss.
Year: 1890.
Technique: oil on canvas.

1 Mar 2010

Bishop of Salisbury

The bookmark with the image of Robert Wyvil in the Sherborne Castle from England.

Robert Wyvil was Bishop of Salisbury (England) from 1329 until his death in 1375. The bookmark shows him in full bishop's vestments in Sherborne Castle. This commemorates his successful recovery of Sherborne Castle from the Earl of Salisbury.

Sherborne Old Castle is the ruin of a 12th-century castle in southeast of Sherborne in Dorset, England.


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