3 Jun 2011

Te Espera

The leather bookmark from Peru. Again from Mery!

Peru te espera = Peru is waiting for you.

2 Jun 2011


I received some nice bookmarks with a postcard from Peru! Thanks to Mery!

Peru is a country in western South America. It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.
The Peruvian population estimates at 29.5 million. The main spoken language is Spanish, although a significant number of Peruvians speak Quechua or other native languages.

31 May 2011


The handmade bookmark with the Eiffel tower. Thank you, Liuda!

The Eiffel Tower (French: La Tour Eiffel, nickname La dame de fer, the iron lady) is a puddle iron lattice tower in Paris. Built in 1889, it has become both a global icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The tower is the tallest building in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world; millions of people ascend it every year. Named for its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel, the tower was built as the entrance arch to the 1889 World's Fair.

29 May 2011

Maybe Coffee?

The wooden bookmark from Lithuania.

Gal kavos? (Lithuanian)= Maybe coffee? (English)

25 May 2011

18 May 2011

Suede Bookmark

The suede bookmark from Norway. Aciu, Liuda ;)

Franz Kafka

The magnetic bookmark from my trip to Prague, the Czech Republic. It's from the Kafka's museum.

Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924) was a German-language novelist, born in Prague. Contemporary critics regard Kafka as one of the best writers of the 20th century. The term "Kafkaesque" has become part of the English language. Kafka's novels:\The Trial (1925), The Castle (1926), America (1927).

11 May 2011

Surprise in an Envelope

What a surprise! I've received a big envelope with beautiful stamps full of different bookmarks! From Riitaa, from Finland :-) Thank you for this surprise!

3 May 2011

Ups... Lazy

Hello, how are you - my blog readers? I don't know the reason, but I feel very lazy, and don't have energy to post in my blog... What do I need to do???

15 Apr 2011

From Ecuador

The hand-woven bookmark bought from an indigenous weaver in the street market of Otavalo, Ecuador. For this special bookmark I say thanks to Esperanza.

11 Apr 2011


The bookmark with a partial view of Ushuaia from Argentina. Thanks to Patrick for the bookmark and the letter with explanations ;)

Ushuaia is the capital city of Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, on the shores of the Beagle Channel and surrounded by the Martial mountain range.

What a beautiful place... wish to visit it one day... :)

17 Mar 2011

H.C. Andersen

The magnetic bookmark from the H.C.Andersen Museum in Denmark.

Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805 – August 4, 1875) was a Danish author and poet noted for his children's stories. These include "The Snow Queen", "The Little Mermaid", "Thumbelina", "The Ugly Duckling", "The Emperor's New Clothes". His poetry and stories have been translated into more than 150 languages. They have inspired motion pictures, plays, ballets, and animated films.

April 2, Andersen's birthday, is celebrated as International Children's Book Day.

15 Mar 2011


The leather bookmark with the Norway map and flag.

Norge = Norway
Norge is the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish name for Norway.

10 Mar 2011

Raggedy Ann and Andy

The wooden bookmark with Raggedy Ann and Andy from the USA.

Raggedy Ann is a fictional character created by American writer Johnny Gruelle (1880–1938) in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children. Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with red yarn for hair and has a triangle nose. The character was created in 1915 as a doll, and was introduced to the public in the 1918 book Raggedy Ann Stories. A sequel, Raggedy Andy Stories (1920) introduced the character of her brother, Raggedy Andy, dressed in sailor suit and hat.

9 Mar 2011


The wooden bookmark from the USA.

Aries (meaning "ram") is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, named for the constellation of Aries.
Aries is a fire sign, which imparts a fiery enthusiasm that shows through their (blunt) sincerity, honest convictions, and leadership. They enjoy adventures, are partial to the great outdoors and are considered highly passionate and sexed. It is a Cardinal sign and with a strong leadership streak.

21 Feb 2011

Vilnius Book Fair 2011

Some photos from the Vilnius Book Fair 2011. I bought these books:
Stieg Larsson "The Girl Who Played With Fire"
Donna Woolfolk Cross "Pope Joan"
Algimantas Cekuolis "Six Opportunities To Die"
Philippa Gregory "The White Queen"
Mini-encyclopedia for kids:)

The Vilnius Book Fair is the main annual meeting place of publishers, book sellers, writers and readers, it is important cultural activity for both, book-lovers and for the trade. The distinctive feature of the Vilnius Book Fair is the abundance of cultural events, especially meetings with the well known Lithuanian and foreign writers. Cultural programme attracts thousand of book lovers from Lithuania and neighbouring countries.

19 Feb 2011

Greetings from Prague

Greetings from Prague, the Czech Republic. The city is fantastic with many places to visit and good food to try, but it was soooo cold... I even bought a cap ;)

14 Feb 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Many online kisses to my friends and blog readers on Valentine's Day!!! Love and be loved ;)

Twin Towers

The magnetic bookmark with Petronas Twin Towers from Malaysia.

The Petronas Towers (also known as the Petronas Twin Towers or KLCC) are skyscrapers and twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

11 Feb 2011

Stieg Larsson

Two paper bookmarks of the Stieg Larson's Millennium series. I really can recommend to read these books!!!

Karl Stig-Erland Larsson (15 August 1954 – 9 November 2004), who wrote professionally as Stieg Larsson, was a Swedish journalist and writer.
At his death, Stieg Larsson left three unpublished novels that made up the Millenium trilogy: the first - Män som hatar kvinnor ("Men who hate women"), published in English as "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"; the second - "Flickan som lekte med elden" (The Girl Who Played with Fire); the third novel "Luftslottet som sprängdes" ("The air castle that was blown up"), published in English as "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest".

It became a posthumous best-seller in several European countries as well as in the United States. He was the second best-selling author in the world in 2008, behind Khaled Hosseini. By March 2010, his "Millennium series" had sold 27 million copies in more than 40 countries.

Maltese Lace

The handmade bookmark with lace from Malta. I received it as a present from a souvenir seller.

1 Feb 2011


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