22 Nov 2010


The leather bookmark from England.

Devon is a large county in southwestern England. Devon is the fourth largest of the English counties and has a population of 1,141,600.
Dartmoor is an area of moorland in the centre of Devon, England. Protected by National Park status, it covers 954 square kilometres (368 sq mi).
Dartmoor Pony has lived in south-western England for centuries and is used for a variety of disciplines. Because of the extreme weather conditions experienced on the moors, the Dartmoor is a particularly hardy breed with excellent stamina. Over the centuries it has been used as a working animal by local tin miners and quarry workers.
Pixies are mythical creatures of folklore, considered to be particularly concentrated in the areas around Devon and Cornwall. They are usually depicted with pointed ears, and often wearing a green outfit and pointed hat. In modern use, the term can be synonymous with fairies or sprites.

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