27 Nov 2010


The collection of 6 Samurai bookmarks from Japan. Thanks to my friend Ayumi ;)

The samurai (or bushi) were the members of the military class, the Japanese warriors.
Samurai employed a range of weapons such as bows and arrows, spears and guns; but their most famous weapon and their symbol was the sword.
Samurai were supposed to lead their lives according to the ethic code of bushido ("the way of the warrior"). Bushido stressed concepts such as loyalty to one's master, self discipline and respectful, ethical behavior.

After a defeat, some samurai chose to commit ritual suicide (seppuku) by cutting their abdomen rather than being captured or dying a dishonorable death.


Karen said...

I love Samurai´s and these bookmarks are really Fantastic :D

Vaida said...

I agree :D


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