28 Apr 2009

A-Z. Bookmarks

The world of bookmarks is very rich. Bookmarks can be in all shapes and sizes and in different materials like leather, paper, ivory, metal, silk, etc. I love to collect bookmarks from all over the world, because the variety is very fascinating.

Bookmark names in other languages: marcapaginos (Spanish), marcador de livros (Portugese), marque-pages or signets (French), boekenlegger/s (Dutch), shu-qian (Chinese), knijzna oznaka (Croatian), záložka (Czech), bogmærker (Danish), järjehoidja (Estonian), kirjanmerkki (Finnish), Lesezeichen (German), bókamerki (Icelandic), neshaneye safhe (Persian), segnalibri/s (Italian), grāmatzīme (Latvian), knygų skirtukas (Lithuanian), bokmerke (Norwegian), zakladka (Polish), semne de cărţi (Romanian), закладки (Russian), kazalo, (Slovene), bokmärke (Swedish), Kitap Ayracı (Turkish).


Dorincard said...

Hi, Shivaya/Baltija! :)

In Romanian, it's "semne de cărţi" (pronounced almost like the English: Kertz/Kurtz).
Good luck with your blog!

Do you realize that you can ALWAYS make your own bookmarks from ANYTHING you want, including cut-outs, damaged postcards and damaged stamps?

Tell me if you want to swap or not at forum.postcrossing, as I am preparing your Obama postcard prize.
I could give you many bookmarks, both official and handmade. But I want postcards or maximum cards. ;)

Dorin (dorinco) :)

Dorincard said...

When I said In Romanian, it's "semne de cărţi" (pronounced almost like the English: Kertz/Kurtz), that means, more specifically, "marks for books", so it's a double plural.
A more literal translation for "bookmarks" is "semne de carte".
And, to finish up this little digression, "bookmark" is "semn de carte".
I will upload soon on photobucket.com a specific offer for you!

Shivaya said...

Thank you for you comments! And visiting my blog :) Waiting for Obama and new bookmarks from the USA :)


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