2 Apr 2010

Happy Easter!

The wooden bookmark with a cock from Lithuania.

You'd better don't look up for the meaning of the word 'cock' in Google. Weird... it's very far from the Easter theme;)
Anyway, Happy Easter!!! Do you celebrate? and how? Feel free to leave your comments in my blog.

By the way, we have decorated eggs for Easter - margučiai:


Patrick said...

You can use the synonym, 'chicken', or 'hen' if it's a She ;-)

Happy Easter! yes, we celebrate here, usually by gathering together for lunch, and we eat chocolate eggs after desert :-)

Vaida said...

Chocolate eggs? Interesting ;) We eat normal (but decorated specially for Easter) eggs.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!!! This year my Easter is strange without decorated Lithuanian eggs :((( Jurate

Vaida said...

not eggs are the most important, but the people around you ;) Happy Easter!


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