17 Jun 2010

Bookmark and Letter

The bookmark from Mia who lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She got that bookmark in one of the bookshops on Nevsky prospect.

Mia wrote me a letter, not a note, but a letter!!! It was so good to read it, because I really miss letters. Frankly, I can't find any spare time to write letters, but I love to receive them :)
Do you like writing or reading letters?


Patrick said...

Nice bookmark! I only have 1 from Russia.

I like letters more than emails, I think that when you read a letter you can see beyond the words and the ink on the paper. How nice of Mia to send you one!.

Vaida said...

Yes Patrick, I think, people who like reading books, love reading letters ;)

Mia said...

Hello, I am Mia who send you this bookmark :) I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your wonderful collection and also I love readung your bookmark blog.

Vaida said...

Privet, Mia! Nice to see you there ;)Thanks again for the bookmark, come to my blog and leave comments more often :)


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