7 Oct 2010

Malta Bus

The metallic bookmark with a lovely Malta bus from Malta. This bus helped me to explore the whole island!!!

A Malta bus is used for public transport on the island, and also a major tourist attraction, due to their unique appearance.
Malta buses are now liveried in a yellow (lower) and white (upper) livery, relieved by a red band just below the window line. Very early types of bus can still be found, with a front engine mounted in an extended bonneted nose, in the style of some conventional trucks. The majority of classic Malta buses have elaborate grilles and headlight arrangements, curved windscreens and sloping roofs.
As the main mode of public transport on the island, the Malta bus is also used by many tourists to visit the different parts of the island.


Skaitom said...

Koks smagus šitas :)

Anonymous said...

wow nice!!!


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